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A complete guide of FTMO Trading platform for traders 2022

FTMO, an international proprietary trading firm, was established in the Czech Republic in 2014. The platform allows traders to join its ranks and, after they pass a two-step test regime, FTMO transfers 400 000 dollars to their account. FTMO monitors transactions to increase the deposit. The company operates in accordance with European financial law and is subject to the local regulator.


  • The testing cost for this test is very low at EUR155
  • Many traders are familiar with classic platforms like MT4, MT5, Ctrader, and MT5. There are hundreds of scripts and indicators that can be used to help you navigate these platforms.
  • After passing the test, the potential profitability for a trader is 90% of their earned profit. The initial reward is 80%
  • Diversification of tariff plans. Demo deposits can be made from 10 000 to 200 000 US dollars. There are several tariff plans available, ranging from aggressive to standard trading.
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  • There are no restrictions on the testing period. Maximum loss of 10% of deposit amount. For 1 month, the target profit is 10%.
  • Instead of just one step, there are two steps to testing. A trader must work for three months instead of one.
  • Information about the funding of the company is not available.

FTMO is a company that provides props to professional traders. Below is a description of the FTMO review general structure. There are two types of accounts for the company: a standard and a swing. The only difference between the two accounts is that fundamental trading is restricted in the standard account. The standard account allows you to trade in two strategies: aggressive (i.e. high-risk) and normal. For a moderate risk budget package, a $10,000 deposit is required. The deposit fee for aggressive stratagems is EUR250.

The initial real deposit amount is 400 000 US dollars. This deposit can only be made after passing the test. There are conditions. The company and investors receive twenty percent of the profits. The scaling program begins next. You can review the limit of money under management every four months. The deposit amount of a trader who has increased his deposit by more than 10% in the past four months is increased. Scaling can also increase the trader’s profit by up to 90%.

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Useful services provided by FTMO:

  • Economic calendar. This calendar can be used for trading but it is important to remember the trading restrictions at the time the important news release is made.
  • Application of statistics. It shows significant and numerical probabilities for market behavior.
  • Mentor Application. Mentor Application.
  • Trade magazine. Trade magazine saves trading results and allows you to analyze trades.
  • Account MetriX. Innovative web application that tracks your progress towards becoming a FTMO trader.
  • Performance coach. Psychological support.
  • Equity Simulator. This tool can be used to improve risk management and calculate the likelihood of a positive outcome based on current trading conditions. It can be accessed in your MetriX Account.
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How to choose a funded trading program

  • Overall experience – It’s crucial to do your research when it comes to finding a reliable, funded trading program. It’s a smart idea to sign up to the program and go through all the steps, from the free trial to withdrawing your partner. The best way to gauge the quality of a best funded trader accounts is to get a feel for its user experience.
  • Assess value: It is important to search for leaders within a program’s funding niche. Look for programs with unique features and a higher price. You can save time by not wasting your time with subpar programs.
  • Review funded program features: Evaluate the drawdown types, parameters and qualification requirements for a fund trader account. When evaluating programs, consider the trading freedom offered by the fund. If the funding and value conditions are restrictive, it should be justified.
  • Live trading conditions: Comprehensive information about program fees, withdrawal conditions, withdrawal speeds, limits, and withdrawal speeds. All the essential features must be taken into consideration when evaluating live conditions. Make sure that traders are informed about the price of funded trader programs. Ensure that you do not be surprised by hidden terms after passing an evaluation.
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