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A Guide to Proper Etiquette for Wearing Biker Patches

If you’re in a motorcycle club, you probably have quite a few custom biker patches that you wear. Most clubs have a certain etiquette when it comes to wearing these patches the right way.

Read on to learn more about the rules regarding motorcycle club colors etiquette, so you can be sure you’re sporting yours correctly.

Colors and Biker Patches

When you wear biker patches, you’re representing the club that you belong to therefore you must have in mind the motorcycle club colors etiquette. The colors and designs will vary, but each club has strict rules in regard to colors and what they represent.

You shouldn’t wear colors of another club while you’re a current member of another. Therefore, only wear biker patches that represent the club you’re currently in, or else it’s considered bad etiquette.

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If you ever leave or lose your membership in a club, you’re supposed to surrender your colors. How you wear the patch is also important. Some motorcycle patches should be worn on a sleeved vest or jacket while others are supposed to be worn on a sleeveless vest only.

Rules for Wear

To know your way forward on the motorcycle club colors etiquette, club members must not wear or borrow another biker’s jacket with the club colors on it. The only exception may be when a female passenger is riding along with a club member but these rules can vary, so check with your club to make sure.

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The placement of the patch depends on several things including the size, shape, and symbolism. Some patches come in two parts while others are a single piece that’s quite large.

Always as your club where your patch should be placed. It might be on the back of your vest or jacket, or it could be worn on one sleeve on the side.

Types of Biker Patches

A lot of clubs opt to get custom patches made, like the ones at A one-piece patch is typically worn on a vest or jacket and symbolizes membership with a riding club or other motorcycle organization. These patches also mean that the club is officially sanctioned by the American Bikers Association. Now you know that your best bet is to know more about the motorcycle club colors etiquette.

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Most patches include key information like the club logo, name, and territory. A two-piece bak patch is used to represent the transition of a motorcycle club member and means that they’re waiting on approval from the leaders to become an official member.

A three-piece patch signifies that you belong to a traditional or outlaw motorcycle club. these patches include a top rocker, the club’s logo or emblem, and a bottom rocker. The three pieces together are referred to as colors.

Wear Your Patches Wisely

These are just some of the rules of wearing biker patches and keeping the motorcycle club colors etiquette in mind might be very helpful. If you’re new to a motorcycle club, it’s best to ask about the rules and regulations before you put your patch on your vest or jacket.

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