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A simple guide to betting on football

Football betting is a long process drawn from the long experience of players. If you are a newbie with no experience, you can refer to article 22Bet live odds to know.

Football betting rules need to be grasped

If the battle is postponed for more than 12 hours, most bets will be void, and the dealer will return the bet to the player.

If the 1st half is abandoned, all bets will be canceled, and if the match is canceled only in the second half, the 1st half bets will still count.

Before the battle, the house will have to distribute the rafters table, playing field, game time, and pre-match numbers for players’ reference.

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In the battle, the number of penalty cards, throw-ins, corners, rate, etc.. is also continuously updated for players to understand the information.

The bet will be calculated in football betting rules’ official 90 minutes of play and stoppage time. Extra time will have a separate market.


Instructions on how to bet on football always win

Step 1: Analyze the team, and the match

When participating in football betting or cockfighting, .. most players often choose the classic football matches, the clubs they like about the two teams. This is also the player’s advantage when he has full information about the battle to bet on.

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In particular, in addition to the basic understanding of the team, you should also learn important information about that team: who is the official player, which position is strong or weak, the coach’s tactics usage, head-to-head history, recent match form..


Step 2: Choose the bet you will bet on

The next way to bet on football is that we should choose the best we will bet on. Now there are three basic types of bets for players to participate in.


Asian Handicap

Asian football handicap, also known as Handicap or Handicap specifically, will choose one of two doors, the lower and upper doors. When players choose the top team, they must handicap the underdog by 1 or 2 goals depending on the bet threshold.

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European 1×2 Handicap

The way to bet on football with European rafters is quite simple. Just like the Asian handicap, you only need to predict the outcome of which team will win, draw or lose. The way to participate in the European bet is not too difficult, but you need to assess and grasp the strength and ability of the team you bet on. In this market, the player’s win rate is 33.33%.


Oversight bets

If you want to play repeatedly, you must base it on the house’s score. In it, we will choose the Over or Under door compared to the goal milestone.

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Over: means betting on a higher number of goals than the goal mark

Under: means betting on a better number of goals than the goal mark.


Step 3: Monitor the odds from the house

Before placing a bet, it is necessary to monitor the odds from the bookmakers regularly. At least 5 times a day 5 hours apart each time to see if there is any change. From there, we can easily adjust the accuracy before the battle.


Step 4: Determine the bet amount

When betting on football, it is necessary to determine the bet amount; this problem depends on the economic conditions of each person, but whether the bet amount is high or low. Don’t put all your money into a football game with the mentality of “winner, loser,” but split the money to pay for many different battles. This will minimize the loss of hands.

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