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Beginner’s Guide To Deal With Blocked Drains

Generally, blocked drainsare one of the most commonly experienced problems by every household. Multiple things can cause this block without your knowledge.  If not treated in the initial stages, these things can cause a hole in your pocket. They do not take longer than a blink of an eye to escalate into time-consuming issues.    So if you wish to spare yourself from this mess, contact Wilco Plumbing today. The company provides an outstanding array of plumbing services to rescue its clients. In this article, you will discover what makes Wilco Plumbing Services the best for the job.

Services offered

Wilco Plumbing Services provides a fully-fledged range of plumbing services including blocked drains Sydney wide. The company works tirelessly 24/7 to relieve you from uncomfortable drainage systems.

  • Blocked drains
  • Burst pipe repair
  • Hot water services
  • Pipe relining
  • Toilet repair and install
  • Leaking taps repair
  • Gas fitting and repair

Unsure about your drain? Look for these signs

Generally, people believe in old sayings such as prevention is better than any cure. It applies to the drainage system as well. Let us take the example of humans. Before any disease takes its toll on us with its full force, it manifests upon the host with a few early signs.  The same thing applies to drainage systems. You can look for these early signs to check whether your drain is about to get blocked or not:

  1. Unpleasant odor- Stagnant water that contains debris, grease, food particles, and other nasty items emit a foul odor. As the stuff in there slowly decomposes, the smell becomes more potent and unbearable. 
  2. Slow drainage- Once the dirt and debris start accumulating inside the pipes, the water will take more time to drain. So if you think that the speed of water going in is decreasing day by day, chances are your drain will be blocked pretty soon.
  3. Water level- You can also determine the condition of your drains by checking the water level. If the level increases every time you flush, it means that things are abnormal down there. So if you do not want to deal with the nasty hassle of an overflowing commode, get your drains cleaned professionally. 
  4. Sounds- Gurgling sounds in the drains hint that this could be a sign of blockage. Moreover, it is a sign that the air trapped due to accumulation is escaping through running water.  

Top causes of blockage in drains:

  1. Grease- Most of us do not realize that pouring that delicious greasy cooking residue down the drain is dangerous. Once the grease, fat, and oil from your kitchen mix with the preexisting chemicals in the sewers, it generates build-up. Consequently, the whole sewer system gets blocked and filled with dirty water. 
  2. Hair clogging- This is the second most prominent cause of CANALISATION BOUCHÉ after grease. Hair is not water-soluble because of which it accumulates at a point in the system and creates build-up. Once the build-up starts increasing, it prevents the wastewater from flowing freely.
  3. Miscellaneous items- Drain and sewer blockage can happen due to any foreign and unwanted item. For instance, people often flush sanitary pads and baby diapers in public washrooms. All this makes the entire sewer system prone to risk and clog. 
  4. Natural reasons- If you have drains in your backyard, leaves, flowers, debris, pebbles can go through it. Although many people are unaware of this, all these substances can block your sewers. Apart from this, tree roots near the drain can also cause hindrances in the flow of wastewater.
  5. Food bits- Despite how much we try to scrape off the excess food from our plates, we never squeaky clean it before washing it in the sink. Consequently, those food bits mix with grease, and solid particles remain in their original form and block the pipes.

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How to prevent drain blockage

Learning how to unclog blocked drains Sydney will keep your drainage and plumbing system in a good shape. Moreover, it will also help in limiting your expenses to a certain level. One of the best ways of achieving that is restricting the items that go in the drain to only water. You can check out Mr. Rooter Plumbing for the best drain repair service. Here are a few tips that will help you avoid drain blockage:

  • Keep greasy liquid stuff away from the drain.
  • Remove the leftovers from your dirty plates before washing them.
  • Use shower hair collecting tools to prevent hair strands from going in with the water. There are tons of options in the market.
  • Keep an eye on what you flush down the toilet. 
  • Throw away your used coffee ground in the garbage.
  • Run hot water in the sink every once in a while. Doing this prevents excess build-up and lowers the chances of blockage.
  • Use drain strainers to avoid small debris from mixing with wastewater. You can purchase from your nearby local hardware stores.
  • Having regular pipe inspections is also one of the best decisions you can take for your drains. Many times drainage issues are unidentifiable from the outside. Therefore, professionals reach deep down and ensure everything is working fine.
  • Cover your outdoor drains temporarily so that leaves, twigs, debris, and other unwanted stuff cannot reach the wastewater.
  • Always get professional help as soon as you notice the early signs. 

What makes Wilco the best for this job?

Wilco Plumbing has been rendering its mind-blowing and unmatchable plumbing services for many years. By this time, the professionals working at Wilco have learned to handle different blocked drains Sydney with ease.

This experience, knowledge, and skill differentiate Wilco from other companies. Moreover, Wilco is renowned throughout the country for its impeccable integrity and quality of services. Wilco’s dedication and passion in delivering the best to its clients have made the impossible possible. Its wide range of services covers the diverse requirements of clients from numerous parts of the country. With Wilco Plumbing Services, you get affordable rates, licensed plumbers, high work ethics, and 24/7 support. So if your home is also experiencing blocked drains Sydney, do not hesitate to contact Wilco Plumbing.

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