October 30


Fmytex Review 2022: fair, easy and secure Bitcoin Exchange

About Fmytex

Fmytex Global is a fully licensed and regulated Bitcoin exchange, serves more than 100 countries and over 10 million customers with the world’s fastest growing cryptocurrency and financial services platform.

Whether you’re an advanced trader or a crypto-beginner, Fmytex Exchange gives you the power to chart your own financial course.


About security

Security above everything. They have assembled a global team of top security professionals to ensuring clients’ assets.

2FA (Google Authenticator and Yubikey) to keep your account secure

No Phone/SMS account recovery, your account stays in your hands

Email confirmations for withdrawals with self-serve account lock

Configurable account timeout for another layer of protection

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Global settings time lock for extreme security when you’re away

PGP signed and encrypted email for secure communication

SSL encryption to protect you when browsing fmytex.com

Constant, real-time monitoring for suspicious activity

Zero settlement risk, no chargeback fraud when trading crypto

Sensitive data is fully encrypted at rest and in transit

High priority 24/7 live chat and email support for urgent concerns


About crypto

Simply and securely buy, sell, and manage hundreds of cryptocurrencies.  Fmytex offers more than 150 cryptocurrencys, from Bitcoin to Dogecoin, all of them are purchasable with USD. It reportedly has more than 10 million users, quarterly volume traded of $180 billion.

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About customer service

Fmytex offers 24/7 Live Chat customer service through email, phone, or a preferred encrypted messaging service. The representatives are assigned based on your specific needs, so you get the best person to help, every time. Fmytex’s support team is the best in the industry. Issues that take weeks to solve on other exchanges are usually solved within 24 hours by your support team.


About earning interest

Fmytex is an exchange with very serious people in charge. The platform is composed of senior blockchain investors and world-renowned technical experts in the field of Internet finance, and the core members are all from top global financial companies. So they keep abreast of market trends and provide the latest market information to traders! They have very professional and attentive service, from the initial expert consultation to the execution of transactions, they provide one-on-one service to traders. For traders who are using graphs/charts, Fmytex provides very detailed charts analysis to use.

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