July 18


How To Make PDFs Editable?



If you want to convert PDF files into other file types then an online PDF converter is your best option to perform the task. Converting a different file type into PDF makes it easier to share across a wide array of users. It also gives the document the editing, saving, and converting options that come with the PDF format, since it has features that other document types do not have. But converting a PDF into another file type also has benefits. Converting a PDF to another file type makes it easier to edit, add or remove certain elements, which can then be saved into a new PDF.

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The Tools to Convert a PDF


Many different tools can help users change a PDF file into another type or the other way around. One tool people may not think about as a PDF converter is Google Docs and Google Drive. The two programs work together to convert a PDF into an editable Google Docs so users can make adjustments to the text without having to use an actual PDF converter.


The way to convert a PDF with Google Docs is simple. If you save or upload a PDF file to your Google Drive account, you can open it from Google Drive or open a preview to see what it would look like as a Google Doc. When the preview window opens, a tab will appear at the top that says, “Open as Google Docs” /jpg-to-pdf/.


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If you click the button, the file will automatically convert into Google Docs, which can then be edited and changed according to a user’s preferences. Google will only convert the text of the document. Other elements of the PDF like images, tables, or graphs will not convert and they cannot be edited with Google Docs.


How to Convert a PDF to a Fillable Form


Converting a PDF into a fillable form is yet another type of conversion that is unique to the PDF format. A fillable form is a digital version of any type of hard-copy form that can be filled out online, saved, and sent to any intended destination or party. The advantages of a fillable form are its ease of use, legibility, and clear, concise writing that is completely error-free.

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Converting a PDF into a fillable form requires a special function in an online PDF editor that not all of them have. There are certain online doc to PDF converters that support only the most popular file types (Word, Excel, JPEG), while other programs like Lumin PDF let users convert a PDF into many different formats.


With Lumin, users can open any file type in the Lumin browser and then select from any one of the different file types available from Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and JPEGs. The conversion process is simple and only requires a few clicks to complete. The new file will be opened in the Lumin browser where users can save it to a local hard drive or the cloud.

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