April 25


How to Target More Customers in 2022 Unique Ways

It is 2022 and due to the pandemic, it is becoming challenging to secure your ideal client. And without locking in your ideal client, you cannot expect to grow your business because growing customers is the key to success for any business. Why are businesses unable to lock their ideal new client? Due to oversharing or overuse of social media and content marketing. Everyone is following each other without stopping to think if the strategies will be effective for their business or not?

Thus, it is becoming necessary to find new ways to market your business using the same platforms to garner more customers for your brand. In this blog, we are sharing some tips to help you out in getting more customers in 2022.

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Make more reels and TikTok

No, TikTok is not only for GenZ or millennials. Everyone enjoys an entertaining or informative TikTok video. The same goes for the reel option of Instagram. If you as a business are not using these two options, then you are losing tons of potential customers. Even if one short video (reel or TikTok) goes viral, you will have so much exposure. It is a great tip, especially for small businesses looking to get more customers through social media platforms.

The only thing to remember while making reels or TikTok videos is that you have to make it interesting, relevant, and captivating. The first few seconds should be undoubtedly impressive so that the audience stops to watch the entire reel or video and goes on your page from there.

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Use a digital business card

Every business knows the importance of using a business card. It helps you get new customers as anyone looking for your skills can use the details on the card to check your social media or website and learn about your business. However, paper or traditional business cards are getting old, and since the pandemic, people are reluctant to use the same.

So, switch to a digital business card. You can network using this even when you are networking online or trying to grab the attention of a customer who lives in another section of the globe. It is also cheap, saving you time and money.

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Live streaming for the win

Short videos, reels, and recorded videos are great. However, the charm that live videos have is unmatchable. Live videos give you and the audience a chance to connect instantly. Any question or queries that a customer has, you can reply immediately, and it can make so much of a difference. All the audience watching the live video has an option to ask any question, engage with the brand, and more. Thus, they prefer live videos, and as a brand looking to increase their customers, you should use this feature more.

Be sustainable and discuss the things that matter

One of the easiest ways to get more clients is to be sustainable with your products. More and more people are abandoning the brands that are making products that are not sustainable. Or are body-shaming or skin-shaming people through their advertisements. Thus, if looking to get more customers in 2022, you need to remember this! Make cruelty-free products that are good for the environment and your brand. Similarly, you can support various causes related to the environment or society. Lastly, talk about the issues that matter! Body-shaming or feminism or global warming, don’t be afraid to show your support for these things, and it will get you more customers.

Try to be relatable

Being relatable is necessary if you are looking for more ideal customers. That means your marketing team has to be on their toes always. They need to look for any trend that is good for your business. If there is one, you need to hop on that trend. It may be funny, but if it’s relatable, people will want to buy your products and services.

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Researching your client and knowing their persona helps you be better at finding new ways to use these platforms and get more customers. Remember, every marketing tactic known to mankind has an untapped feature, which you need to unravel and give your twist to find more ideal customers for your business.

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