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How to Use Indian Almond Leaves in Your Shrimp Tank

Indian Almond leaves are one of the most common, and popular, types of aquarium plants among shrimp hobbyists. They are also referred to as Indian Arrowroot and Paradise Plant. They can be found in various colors, but more commonly green. The leaves grow naturally in India and northern Sri Lanka, where they grow naturally along with coconut palms and other tropical plants. Almond leaves are extremely easy to care for at home with a little bit of extra care from you. These are not difficult to grow but require lots of light, proper water conditions, regular fertilizer, and frequent watering as indian almond leaves for shrimp tend to wilt easily. You must give them enough time to establish roots before putting them in your tank. But that’s not all—these also have some additional benefits for our shrimp tank inhabitants too. Let’s see how Indian Almond Leaves can help keep your shrimp tank healthier and happier:

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Indian Almond Leaves Provide Good Nutrition and Detoxification to Shrimp Tank


Shrimp tank water is usually rather high in nutrients and low in dissolved oxygen (DO). In an attempt to balance this, the most common way of adding oxygen to your tank is by using airstones. This is a very effective method, but it’s also very wasteful. These airstones consume a tremendous amount of electricity, often more than some households use in a month. This is also bad for the environment since it results in excessive greenhouse gases and contributes to global warming. Indian Almond Leaves can help in this regard. They have a high concentration of complex carbohydrates that help provide good nutrition and detoxification to your shrimp tank. Nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes are critical for the health of your shrimp. If your shrimp tank is too low in nutrients, you will notice your shrimp looking dull, thin, and anaemic. This will reduce their lifespan and ability to thrive in your tank.

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They Improve Oxygen Levels in Shrimp Tank


Indian Almond Leaves are known to have a high concentration of potassium. Shrimp tanks tend to have low potassium levels, especially if they have been operating for a long time. This can lead to a myriad of problems including high surface tension, a great risk of shock from lowering the temperature, and death from undernourishment. You can add potassium directly to the tank to raise the potassium level, but this can be a very wasteful process. Instead, you can use Indian Almond Leaves as an organic source of potassium for your shrimp tank. You can either add it to your tank directly or let it sit in the water for a week or two before adding it to the tank. The advantage of letting it sit in the water is that it will slowly release potassium into the water.

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They Have Antibacterial Properties

Granted, you probably wouldn’t use Indian Almond Leaves as traditional antibacterial medication, but they have some antibacterial properties to help keep your shrimp tank cleaner. Shrimp excrete waste as ammonia, which can be dangerous to other tank inhabitants if not filtered out regularly. Indian Almond Leaves have high concentrations of tannin, which can act as a natural antibacterial. When shrimp excrete ammonia, they also release bacteria that can be harmful to your other tank inhabitants.

They Have Medicinal Properties for Shrimp Tank Too


Indian Almond Leaves are a great source of minerals and vitamins that are essential for a healthy shrimp tank. Shrimp tend to absorb minerals and vitamins better when they are provided in organic form rather than in synthetic medications. Shrimp tank water can often be low in these minerals and vitamins. Using Indian Almond Leaves in your shrimp tank will help your shrimp enjoy greater health and longevity.

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As we can see, there is a lot of potential in using Indian Almond Leaves in our shrimp tank. They are easy to care for, they improve the oxygen levels in the tank, they are a great source of vitamins and minerals, they have antibacterial properties, and they have medicinal properties for shrimp tanks too. We can’t wait to try these plants in our shrimp tank.

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