December 4


Increase the longevity of your upholstery with this method

Are you thinking of buying new furniture because it has become dirty and it is difficult to clean it? Is your couch stained and grimed? Is your furniture disturbing the appeal of your house?

It is your hard-earned money that you have invested. So, instead of making a new purchase, why not invest in a cleaning mechanism that not only keeps the furniture of your house looking as new as ever but also makes it last for long if such a process exists? Yes, it does, It is called Steam Cleaning.

Maybe, there are just a few times when the easier path is the right path. Saving you from the arduous task of visiting different stores to find the correct and affordable couches and then having to take the trouble of shifting it yourself; with this method, you know that stains are not staying on your couch forever. Let us explore what the other benefits that this way of cleaning provides are.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning

  • It helps to remove dirt and grime. As steam is used to clean the surface, the grime and grease loosen from the smooth surface and the fabric fibre, making the cleaning easier and quicker. It also removes the stubborn stains on your upholstery.
  • It’s not just stains but the odour too. If your furniture is dirty, grimed and is soiled, no matter how much air freshener you use before your guest arrives, there will still be a weird smell that will be unwelcoming to your guests. Cleaning this way cleanses and helps to keep the odour away, including pet odour if you have pets at home. With this process, your home smells good, and your pets stay in a safer environment since this cleaning helps keep bed bugs, fleas, their eggs and larva at bay.
  • Upholstery steam cleaners are equipped with specific anti-microbial technology. The steam helps clean dust mites and dirt, debris, bacteria, fungi, mildews, mould spores, germs and other tiny molecules that are not visible to the naked eye. The hot vapour molecules help to remove Listeria, Salmonella and Escherichia Coli and similar other strong pathogens. Thus, you get a sanitized and healthy home.
  • It is a completely safe process to adhere to if you have small children or patients with asthma, eczema or other breathing problems at your home.
  • It saves you time and money.
  • The process uses water and no harmful chemicals. That has a lot of benefits over the usage of chemicals, which are as follows:
  • Chemicals may be too strong for some fibres. It may damage the quality of the fabric and thread, loosening the strength of the upholstery and leaving a spot on the cloth, making it susceptible to rip and tear. When your upholstery has patches or has been faded and has thus lost its grace and aesthetic appearance, replacing or reupholstering it is the only option that remains.
  • Some chemicals leave residue on surfaces. It could be dangerous, particularly if you have infants or small children at home, as they tend to touch and lick them. There is no such fear with steam as it uses water which evaporates as the surfaces dry.
  • It does not harm the environment. With this eco-friendly method, you can be assured that you are not bringing in any new pollutants indoors while cleaning that can cause harm to the environment. This method ensures that your kids and family are safe.
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Once the cleaning is over, you have air quality in your house. Your house becomes more inviting and a cozier place to live in.

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