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Is Super TET Syllabus Changed Every Year? What Important Subjects are Covered in It?

If anyone wants to be a teacher in a government-run school in Uttar Pradesh, he/she needs to appear for a competitive examination. Super Teacher Eligibility Test, or Super TET, is the exam conducted by Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Board every year. Hence, aspirants for the position of teacher need to be aware of the syllabus published for Super TET 2022. They should prepare diligently for this exam according to this syllabus, and cover all the chapters mentioned there.

Subjects Covered in Super TET 2022

Usually, the syllabus for the Super TET Exam remains the same every year. So, candidates can go through the syllabus and practise the mock test papers published by BYJU’S Exam Prep to prepare for this important examination. Our exam matter experts also suggests some reference books that will be useful for aspirants for this job. Examinees need to go through this syllabus for each subject carefully and study accordingly to be successful in this competitive exam. This syllabus is different from that of CTET or UP TET, which are other exams conducted for recruiting teachers in this state.

  • English – The language section comprises English, Hindi, or Sanskrit questions worth 40 marks. Most examinees opt for English or Hindi to score in this prime section of the Super TET syllabus. Direct and Indirect Speech, Active & Passive Voice, Parts of Speech, Spelling, Meaning of words, Punctuation, Idioms and Phrases, Sentence structure, and Fill in the blanks are the chapters of English grammar and language to be studied by examinees who opt for English.
  • Hindi – Various chapters of General Hindi grammar should be studied for answering questions in this section. Sentence making, vocabulary, and idioms in Hindi are other topics to be completed before appearing for Super TET Exam.
  • General Knowledge – Current Affairs, national & international events, important events of UP, important occupations, significant awards, sports, locations, famous personalities, art, and culture of this land are the prime topics to be covered to answer questions for 30 marks in this section.
  • Science – Sound, Light, Energy, different stages of matter, Human body, Health-related issues, Hygiene and nutrition, Animal kingdom, Environment, natural resources, and the use of science in daily life are the major chapters to be studied from science books for 10 marks.
  • Mathematics – Decimal, Percentage, Profit & Loss, Interest, Average, Factors, Area & Volume, Numerical ability, arithmetical problems, and General Algebra should be practised to score 20 marks in this section of Super TET 2022.
  • Environmental & Social Studies – Solar System, Earth’s structure, Latitude & longitude, Continents, Mountains, Rivers, Oceans & marine life, natural flora and fauna, Indian geography, and Indian freedom struggle are the topics covered in this section for 10 marks.
  • Life Skill/Management & Aptitude – Role of education, Motivation, Professional conduct and policy, Constitutional rights, and effective penalties or punishments are the topics to be studied to get 10 points in this section.
  • Teaching Skills – Different methods and skills used for teaching, elementary education in current Indian society, principles of teaching, initiatives taken for primary education, school administration, and evaluation of education are the major topics to be studied to answer 10 marks questions in the Super TET 2022 exam.
  • Child Psychology – Factors regarding child development, personal variation, identification of learning requirements, the right environment for learning, various theories of education and their applications are the chapters of this subject to be studied to get 10 marks in this section.
  • Logical Reasoning – Analogies, Coding & Decoding, Critical Reasoning, Puzzles, Cube Number Series, Symbols & Notations, Blocks & Calendars, Van Diagram & Dice, and Coded Inequalities are the topics to be covered in this section to get 5 marks in Super TET exam.
  • Information Technology – School management, Information to improve teaching skills, technology to teach arts, technical knowledge about computers and smartphones, and applications of the internet are the main topics that should be learned to answer questions worth 5 marks in this section.
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Very dedicated and diligent preparation is needed for all these above-mentioned subjects, on which questions of the Super TET exam are based. The extensive Super TET syllabus demands professional guidance that can help candidates in clearing this examination.


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