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Key Cards vs. Traditional Keys: What You Need to Know

Are you trying to decide between key cards and traditional keys for your door security?

If you are planning on updating the door lock for your business, you might be wondering if you should use a traditional lock or a key card system. Depending on your specific needs, both options can be a great way to secure your business building and decrease your chances of theft, vandalism, and more.

However, you might be wondering how to decide between to two. There are pros and cons for each option, which can make choosing slightly complicated.

Fortunately, by understanding what you need, you can determine which lock is best for your business. If you are trying to decide between key cards and metal keys, here are the pros and cons of each option.

Pros of Traditional Keys

There are several pros of traditional locks you should consider. When you use metal keys, you can save money, experience an easy installation, and have many style options to choose from.

Cons of Traditional Keys

Unfortunately, there are also several cons of traditional key locks. You can easily be locked out, you have to carry keys with you, and many people know how to pick traditional locks.

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When To Use Traditional Keys

If you are concerned about hackers or just enjoy the feel of a metal key, you might want to use a traditional lock with a metal key. These keys are harder to lose than keycards and can be easier to carry around.

Pros of Key Cards

Just like traditional keys, there are many pros to using electronic key cards. They are convenient, simple to install, and you can set key permissions. Replacing lost or stolen key cards is also a simple and low-cost process.

Cons of Key Cards

Although key card systems are effective, there are a few cons you need to know about. You will have to invest upfront, the system will require maintenance, and you might not find a style that fits your door. If there is a power failure, the system will not work, which is something to keep in mind if you experience frequent outages.

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When To Use Key Cards

If you want to upgrade to electronic security, a key card system might be right for you. Key card systems are ideal for a company that is innovative and has excellent cybersecurity. If you are looking for a key card system installer, consider Magnum Security Installations, Inc.

Key Cards vs. Traditional Keys: What One Is Right for You?

There are pros and cons for both key cards and metal keys.

Traditional keys are cost-effective and easy to install, however, they are also not as secure and can be inconvenient. They are best for small businesses that aren’t as concerned with security. Key card systems are convenient and use upgraded technology, however, they can be expensive and harder to maintain. They are best for large companies that need to accommodate many people.

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By knowing the pros and cons, you can choose the best system for your needs.

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