July 4


Lms Full Form and Collaborative Learning and Its Benefits to Students

Students these days enjoy learning due to many forms of learning present in the field of education. Gone are the days when students had very limited options to study and students had to manage among those scarce resources. But today students are having so many options that they don’t even have to go anywhere for their education and they can complete their education and get qualification from home through online education. There was a time when students had to stay dependent upon tutors only for all their queries and learning strategies but nowadays nothing is impossible for the students. If they have to search on the terms LMS full form and institute ERP then it is not a big deal for the students today to search all the details about these two terms. So, here we can see that students have become totally self-dependent due to online learning. Among all these new learning methods there is a new learning method which is not only very knowledgeable but also full of fun. Collaborative learning is a process under which more than one person in a group tries to study or learn something together that too with joint effort. Here people in the group are dependent on the skills and resources of each other to learn the topic. Here this method of learning is really fun because anything done with a peer group becomes fun. Also, here a student is not left tangled in any problem while studying because all the other members of the group help each other.

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Let’s have a look at the advantages of collaborative learning. When students of different level of thinking skills collaborate together in order to work hard after some topics and lessons to prepare and learn together then being collaborated all their thinking skills develop higher level of thinking skills among those students in the group and due to this if they have to search only for terms like LMS full form or institute ERP then they search all their details instead the term only. Collaborative learning is such a magical way of learning which promotes interaction level between faculty and students because this kind of learning needs creative contribution from faculty and tutors also who can make such good collaborative groups which can make the study of the students fruitful. This kind of learning improves the grasping capability of the students because in this type of learning students don’t have to be burdened under one thought of tutors but they are independent to find out the answers on their own. As just now we read that here students do all their research work on their own therefore, their self-esteem also gets boosted up during this process. They become self-confident also in the matter of their academic process.

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As students complete their study work according to their own ways therefore, they receive utmost satisfaction too and they dedicate themselves completely for their studies too. Here as the students’ study in the group therefore students develop a very optimistic attitude towards study and also, they develop their communication skills as well as social skills of interaction also. Due to work in groups and with collaboration with other students of different thought levels students learn to respect diverse levels of thought instead of opposing them being opposite to their thoughts. Here during this type of learning students develop solutions to their problems in a safe and funny atmosphere with peers while enjoying and laughing while continuing their studies. Students learn not only many ways to find the solutions to the problems but also, they learn skills to manage themselves and to organize their studies by themselves. Students learn to take care of each other and due to this kind of learning they learn to fulfil their duties towards their families and friends also. Students learn to fulfil the expectations of their tutors and parents regarding their academic performance. Student’s focus and concentration doesn’t get deviated anyhow because other peers in the group don’t let it happen. This improves the students’ knowledge level so much higher that their performance reaches up to top in the class. Being expert collaboration having studied in this learning approach, students become very strong at social level.

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