March 25


Stunning Ideas to Decorate a Bedroom and Maximize Your Space and Style

Did you ever dream of having a place which you can call your home? Do you feel that after a hectic day, you are attracted towards the abode where you can relax? A bedroom is a place where all of us rush to soothe ourselves and get some comfort. However, a bedroom is not just limited to a good night’s sleep and relaxation. So much more happens in the bedroom starting from work to moments of creativity, times of reading and deep conversations.

A bedroom is a space you wish to spend quality time with loved ones, get creative, wind down and do everything that you possibly can. Therefore, it needs to look good and be practical. Designing a bedroom décor always depends on the need and usage of the room. This is not something that fits all as all have different personalities and different tastes.

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Ways to Give Your Bedroom a Perfect Makeover

Decorating a bedroom always needs careful consideration of functionality and practicality. Crafting Your dream space does not have to be a tedious task but rather a fun one. Irrespective of the size of the room, you can transform it into a comfortable and multifunctional space. Using practical storage solutions such as a single box bed, wardrobes, dressers etc. can help keep things organized and neat.

Select Bedroom Furniture Pieces Thoughtfully – A bed is the main furniture piece in the bedroom. Choosing a bed that is spacious and comfortable is essential so that you get to sleep well without any disturbance. It is not a wise thing to compromise on the bed as you can be uncomfortable. However, if space is a constraint, you can go ahead with a queen size bed with storage. This will ensure proper rest and gives you enough space to store things inside of it. This will enhance the appeal of the room while keeping things organized.

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Select a Focal point for the Bedroom – Create an eye-catching spot that grabs the attention without making the design chaotic. Generally, the head of the bed is the focal point. You can style it by hanging artwork just above it. This will make the room chic and speak about your personality. You can even dress the bed up with bold pillows for a vibrant appearance.

Maximize Light in the Room – Letting the natural light into the room make the room light and airy. You can use layer drapes along with light-blocking shade for optimal control of light. This also will give a stylish appeal to the room.

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Even when choosing lighting fixtures for the bedroom, you can opt for table lamps which are available in various sizes and are ideal for the bedrooms. You can use them whenever needed and keep them near the bedside table.  Recessed lightings add a cosy feel to the room.

Use Colours to Open up the Space – Colours have the magic to transform any space and help in achieving any look you desire. Choosing the right colour scheme can make your bedroom spacious and stylish. You can go ahead with an uplifting colour such as sunshine yellow to invigorate a small space. Also, painting half the walls with bright colour can then the other half with a similar neutral colour or bright white will make the room spacious and airy.

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You can also set up a small workstation in the bedroom using the bedside table making it a desk. Go for a wardrobe with sliding doors to save up space while still having space to store your clothes and essentials in it. Decluttering is the key to transforming a space and making the best use of it.







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