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The legendary V. M. Muddiah

The mid-20th century was a time of consolidation for Indian cricket. The great success that the country has had in the sport can be traced back to those years. That’s a great reason to join bet company in.1xbet.com and start wagering on Indian cricket competitions.


A great player from India from that era was Venkatappa Musandra Muddiah. Also known as V. M. Muddiah, he spent his entire career in Indian domestic cricket. Some of the teams where he played included:


  • Services;
  • Mysore;
  • and Hyderabad.


The 1xBet bet company can be joined now to also wager on other squads from India. Muddiah’s entire professional career lasted between 1949 and 1962. However, in the meantime he also had a brief international career. Specifically, he was part of the national squad on two separate occasions, which were in 1959 and 1960.

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Different playing styles

  1. M. Muddiah had some changes to his playing style across his career. For example, he began performing as a batsman. In fact, he was quite good when doing so with his right arm. Any cricket bet online – make it on 1xBet now, which offers excellent rewards and opportunities.


However, he later changed to become a medium-paced bowler, which he also did quite well. Finally, he decided to settle in an off-spinner technique. Curiously, regardless of the specific technique employed, V. M. Muddiah always took 15 steps prior to delivering the ball. Not more, not less.


This helped him to have a relatively good domestic career. However, he was eclipsed in the national team for most of his life by Ghulam Ahmed, who many saw as a better bowler. You can make any cricket online bet on 1xBet, as it offers plenty of opportunities to make wagers on the best bowlers in the entire sport.

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Test matches

As said before, V. M. Muddiah played only two test matches during his entire career. He was finally selected for the national team in a tour that his squad took to England in 1959. However, he didn’t feature in the Test matches playing at that time. Kabaddi can also be quite entertaining, and it is possible to go to http://www.in.1xbet.com/line/kabaddi to wager on all kinds of events related to that sport.


Finally, Muddiah had his Test debut against Australia in late 1959. However, he was unable to take any wickets during that match. He performed much better in his second Test match, which was played against Pakistan in December of the following year, where he took three wickets in total. Whenever great cricket Test matches are played, you can wager on them by going to the easy-to-use 1xBet bookmaker.

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