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These are the most efficient 35+ web tools in 2022

Find below reviewed on short web apps and services like:

SEO agencies

Professional web designer and web development services

Low code app for creating online databases

WordPress thems and plugins
HTML Creator 

And more


  1. Complete SEO

Complete SEO is an award winning SEO and digital marketing agency that you want to work with to heavily boost your website organic traffic.

They craft personalized strategies that work and results that can easily be tracked.

Call them today.

  1. Mobirise Website Software

Mobirise is the best offline website builder that you can use with no experience and no skills to craft websites that look stunning.

Try it today.

  1. Embed Instagram Feed

Use this smart web app to add Instagram Feed on your website, in seconds, without writing a single line of code.

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Try it for free.

  1. Identify Fonts

WhatFontIs is the font identifier that works with any image.

Take a picture of the font you like, upload it to and follow the 3 easy steps to get the font identification done.

It is simple, 100% free, and quick (under 60 seconds).

  1. Taskade: Free To-Do List Tool & Task Management App

Looking for a professional collaboration tool that you can use with your remote team?

Taskade is free to use and it is by far the easiest to use collaboration platform in the industry.

Try it now.

  1. Website Designers

AMG DESIGN has 20 years’ experience in website design, branding and digital marketing, and they will also help your brand with

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– Branding & Logo Design

– Graphic Design & Printing

– SEO for Top Ranking

– Digital & Social Media Marketing

– Web Hosting

– And Ongoing Free Support

  1. DWS

DWS is an international agency that will help you with everything you need (web design, development, SEO, marketing, content writing, etc.), having a huge team of professionals.

  1. Tailwind CSS UI/UX Design Course 

Understand the fundamentals of UI/UX with Creative Tim’s famous course.

You will get fully coded examples for Tailwind CSS so you can take your UI/UX skills to the next level.

Get it now to take advantage of the 70% OFF special launch price!

  1. Marketing1on1
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Marketing1on1 is helping international and local companies to grow their websites using SEO, and digital marketing.

They use proven techniques to boost your website SEO, some developed in-house.

Reach them out.

  1. – offensive & defensive security operations company is an API Penetration Testing company supporting clients in their cloud-native journey with mobile, API, Kubernetes, and OpenShift security assessments.

Cyberlands is committed to deliver robust, offensive & defensive cybersecurity expertise from its US-based delivery center as well as directly from the edge of the ongoing cyberwar from its delivery center based in Ukraine.

  1. TestingBot

TestingBot provides a cloud-based grid of browsers and physical mobile devices to run automated and manual tests against websites and mobile apps.
Run tests on over 3800 browser and mobile device combinations. Each test comes with screenshots, a video recording and other meta-data.

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Register for the free plan and see how it works.

  1. Drag and drop email builder

Unlayer is a high-performance drag and drop email builder that you can use with 0 experience and 0 design skills to create engaging and converting email newsletters.

Try it now.

  1. Content Snare

Why lose your time with tons of follow-ups that you make to receive content from your customers, when you can simply use Content Snare and let this smart software do the hard work in your place?

Find out more about Content Snare.

  1. CollectiveRay

CollectiveRay is one of the most popular blogs that writes about tech.

All the content writers have great experience in all the blog niches and the original founder of the site, David Attard, is editing content by hand.

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Whatever reviews and tests you are looking for, you will find them here.

  1. Best Roofer SEO Companies

Here are the top 10 roofing SEO services and agencies.

Find complete information about each other so you can decide which one to hire for your project.

Even if they look quite similar, there are important differences between them.

Check it.

  1. Online Personal Assistants

Bottleneck helps you hire staff (virtual assistant, project coordinator, and customer service representant) for your projects, immediately, making you sure that you will have experienced people.

They train all these people so they deliver high-performance services for you.

  1. Best Podcast Booking Service
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Podcasting is the way to go in 2022.

It will help you:

– Increase your personal branding.

– Get awareness for your products and services.

– Build links for your website or landing page.

– Improve your social media followers’ numbers.

Find out more about this #1 rated podcast booking agency.

  1. RocketHub

If you are an entrepreneur, take a look here.

You will find highly discounted deals that were crafted specifically for entrepreneurs.

  1. Ampfluence

Social media channels are easy to grow using the right methods and tactics.

If you lack this knowledge and you want to work with one of the best agencies in the industry, get in touch with Ampfluence.

  1. Draftpress
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Draftpress is a highly popular name in the WordPress plugins world, creating some of the best plugins.These plugins will help you:

– Easily manage tracking snippets, conversion pixels, or other scripts required by third party services.

– Add background or wallpaper style advertisements on your site.

– Add popups, banners, flyouts, in-post content, and widget CTAs to your website.

  1. Longlina Condensed Display Font 

Longline is a display font that features narrow, clean lines. It comes in caps and include all the necessary glyphs needed for your standard design.

  1. Best WordPress Helpdesk Plugin

Do you know which are the best 6 WordPress Helpdesk plugins in the world?

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Find on this page complete information on this subject.

23. Awesome Squarespace Plugins

Are Squarespace plugins different from WordPress plugins? A notable difference with Squarespace plugins is that you use code snippets to add functionality to your site. If you’re looking to start an eCommerce store, Squarespace is among the best eCommerce platforms to use.

24. Premium Webflow Page Templates – Fully Customizable

Choose from a library of pre-built customizable page templates designed for conversions. Explore the tools designed to help you build a powerful, optimized online store.

25. 30+ Best Web Design Agencies from Around The World

Website design plays a vital role in building a strong online presence for any business. In today’s digital landscape, your business website must be responsive, easy-to-navigate, and unquestionably appealing with thematic visuals that attract potential prospects. Creating a professional website can be tricky, however, outsourcing it to wordpress web design agencies can prove to be a wise choice.

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These guys researched the best of the best website design huntsville companies based on the most complex research system.

26. Best Premium Squarespace Templates for sale

If you’re looking for templates or design kits for sale, look no further.

This is a quick guide to the top 3rd party Squarespace template shops and the designers behind them. These custom templates are designed to give you something outside the box while helping you get a jump start on your next Squarespace site.

27. Top-Rated Webflow Experts

wCopilot: Certified Webflow experts that are specialized in designing and ranking Webflow websites. If you are looking for help migrating to Webflow, designing a new Webflow website, or improving your site SEO, these guys will help.

  1. PHP 8: How to Update the PHP Version of Your WordPress Site
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Considered one of the most beginner-friendly programming languages, PHP continues to introduce tremendous changes with each of its updates. Embracing the change, this blog is focused on the steps to upgrade to WordPress PHP 8.0 website.

29.Slides With Friends – Live Quizzing for Classrooms and Teams

Tired of working hard on a lesson or presentation just to get tuned out? With these interactive slides you can build events in minutes that will guarantee huge engagement. Collect live responses from your students during class, run a live quiz that will energize every audience, or host a team building event that will have everybody talking. Finally you can get real interaction and real engagement with a fraction of the effort.

  1. Litho – Multipurpose Elementor WordPress Theme
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Litho is a stunning and easy to customize Elementor WordPress theme that comes loaded with 37+ unique premade designs.

All these designs are pixel-perfect and are heavily optimized for conversions.

Take a look.

  1. The Newsletter Search Engine

Use InboxLetter to quickly search in newsletters for the words you want.

The search software provides lightning-fast results, try it now.

  1. Best wordpress woocommerce themes for ecommerce

Looking for WooCommerce themes that you can use right away, with basic configuration and content?

Here they are, 8theme is well-known for their high-quality eCommerce themes.

Check them.

  1. Email Validation Plugin for WordPress

Antideo email validator is a WordPress website’s first line of defense against spammers and scammers misusing your inquiry and registration forms. The plugin is free to use and helps detect disposable email address and invalid email addresses.

  1. Top Design Companies Directory
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unRFP is a powerhouse when it comes to finding the right User Interface, User Experience or Graphic Design agencies. The website displays vital data points for decision making like cost, industry experience, portfolio, customer references, vertical experience etc.

  1. Web designer tulsa

Jordan Smith is an expert web designer and SEO strategist that build unique and custom websites for people from all over the world.

All the websites created by Jordan Smith get serious amounts of organic traffic and convert with ease, making website owners happy.

36. Pixpa – Portfolio Websites For Designers

If you want to showcase and sell your online work, then you use a portfolio website.

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Pixpa is the most popular portfolio website builder in the industry, and by far the easiest to use.

Pick the theme you like, edit it with your content, and your website will be ready immediately.


  1. Virtual Events Chat

By adding RumbleTalk Chat next to your live stream of the virtual event, you can provide your viewers a more entertaining experience. You can interact with other users in the chat room while using the chat room, either just chatting or answering polls. Even easier connection is made possible via one-on-one audio and video chats! This free chat service is perfect for online trade exhibitions, conferences, and workshops since it not only lets you join many chat rooms for each of your booths and meeting rooms, but it also has security features to make sure that only approved messages show up there.

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For a free account, you can sign up on their website. If you want to learn more on how you can set it up on your next event, then send them a message via


  1. Qwery – Multi-Purpose Business WordPress Theme

Looking for a solution with all the bells and whistles? Qwery is that. It is safe to say that Qwery is a best-seller for business websites. Of course, you can explore your options or save time with Qwery. It seems the choice is obvious. It supports Elementor with its drag-n-drop functionality to create completely custom layouts. And the best part is that no code is needed. Not only will business websites win from Qwery, but also eCommerce web projects. Since it supports WooCommerce, selling things online is easy.

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There are unlimited color options for almost every design element. Hundreds of icons and tons of custom page-building elements will ease your site development, even if you are a newbie. Plus, the entire theme is responsive, so your pages and posts will look great on each smart device. Learning how to code or even how websites work is not needed. Qwery comes with detailed documentation, with a step-by-step guide on where to go and what to do. In addition, you can always import over sixty ready-made websites with one click demo import option. They include everything you need to get started with a fully functioning website. Newsletter Pop-up and GDPR Compliance plugins work with Qwery too. The Booked plugin is also a part of the package. Get down to the list of goodies; it is huge.

  1. FC United | Football, Soccer & Sports WordPress Theme
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Every business needs a solid foundation, and FC United is just what you need for your website. Starting with it means your sports website matches the best web design practices, so you get the best. You want your sports venture to stay ahead of competitors, and FC United will help you with that. It lets you build a modern sports community website without tricky issues. So, you save time and get your site live within minutes.

The theme is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, allowing you to make profits online. That means you launch your online store with no extra work from your side and sell sports gear or wear on your pages. The theme is optimized for performance so you can make a lasting first impression on your audience. The other thing FC United won’t disappoint you with is SEO. It follows the best SEO standards so that your content appears at the top of the SERP results. When it comes to plugins, FC United works with many. SportsPress, JoomPress, and Revolution Slider are only a few of those. Plus, the theme is fully responsive and Retina-ready, meaning your pages will render perfectly on any smart device.

  1. Anesta – Intranet, Extranet, Community and BuddyPress WordPress Theme
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Anesta is a feature-rich WP template for intranet websites. You can import the beautiful demos as they are or use their elements separately. You can manage everything, from font weight, size, style, letter spacing, and more. Whatever you do, Elementor comes to the rescue. It allows you to drag and drop design elements onto your pages and skip coding issues. This powerful tool saves hours without breaking a sweat.

The theme gives you the choice of a library of pre-designed page layouts, sections, and modules, each with unique element combinations. The Newsletter Po-up comes on board for informing your users. The GDPR Compliance ensures your pages are data-safe for all users. Sure, you will want to get even more features than those. And you have them. The theme is compatible with many popular premium plugins, such as Contact Form 7, MailChimp, and Revolution Slider. Anesta is built for speed and short loading times. With bbPress, you can set up a board where your users interact with each other and the site’s administrator.

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And use TeamDesk’s no-code software to build online databases, all by yourself, without the high costs that come when hiring a team.

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