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Top Strategies for Mitigating Risks in BTC and ETH Trading

Cryptocurrency trading sometimes comes with potential pitfalls, particularly for novice traders. However, by following a set of good practices you can mitigate these risks and refine your investment strategies. This in turn can safeguard your portfolio from losses and put you on track to a positive change in the total value of your assets.


Trading digital currencies is often seen as a volatile venture. The cryptocurrency market has a reputation for experiencing swift price shifts, and like any investment venture, there’s always a possibility that your investment could either multiply, or diminish in value, regardless of the apparent surety of outcomes. Given this, mastering risk management becomes a critical aspect of investing in digital currencies.

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Below, we delve into the best strategies for mitigating risks in cryptocurrency trading and outline the conduct you should follow on a path to positive portfolio appreciation.


Invest only what you can afford to lose


One golden rule in all types of investments, including cryptocurrencies, is to never exceed your financial capability. Cryptocurrencies, notorious for sudden massive losses, emphasize the need for this rule even more.


Early investment in BTC and ETH have, no doubt, turned several early adopters into millionaires, but they have equally led numerous inexperienced investors into financial decline.


It’s essential to avoid falling prey to market euphoria and unfounded claims during market peaks. Reflect before investing all your savings or disposing of property to buy crypto. Emotions are your biggest enemy.

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Choose a Good Crypto Trading Platform


Choosing a reputable cryptocurrency exchange is a critical initial step when venturing into buying and selling digital currencies. The exchange you select will significantly influence your trading experience and overall security. Established exchanges often offer a more secure environment, better liquidity, and user-friendly interfaces suitable for beginners. They tend to have reliable infrastructure, more robust security measures, and follow strict legal regulations, providing an added layer of protection for your investments. Some crypto exchanges like go an extra mile when it comes to asset security and getting you started. The platform boasts Proof of Reserves, an insurance fund, and a learning centre that delves into how to buy ETH and 1400 other cryptocurrencies. A trusted exchange may mitigate potential threats and help ensure a smoother journey into the world of cryptocurrency trading.

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Hedge your crypto investments


Hedging is a well-known risk management strategy in traditional financial markets. It involves purchasing or selling an asset to potentially offset the risk of loss in an existing position or negative price shifts in an asset.


It should be noted that while hedging can safeguard your investment against unfavorable market swings, it also caps the potential earnings from your crypto investment. Nonetheless, this is preferable to losing a large chunk of your investment.


Various methods exist to hedge your crypto investments, such as dollar cost averaging, buying options, futures, and even yield farming.


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“Dollar Cost Averaging” (DCA) is a straightforward way to hedge a crypto investment. It involves gradually buying or selling crypto at regular intervals rather than investing or selling all at once.


For instance, if you have $1,000 to invest in Bitcoin, rather than buying $1,000 worth of Bitcoin at once, you could divide your investment into $250 weekly increments over a month. This approach protects you from potential losses if the price drops, though it may limit gains if the price skyrockets after your first purchase.


Monitor Market Sentiment


Understanding and gauging market sentiment is crucial in cryptocurrency trading. It refers to the overall attitude or feeling that investors have towards a particular market or asset at any given time. Market sentiment can significantly influence price movements, often driving them in specific directions. During periods of positive sentiment, prices may rise as more people are buying. Conversely, during periods of negative sentiment, prices may fall as more people are selling. Monitoring this can provide insights into potential market shifts and could guide your investment decisions.

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You should also pay attention to ETH price prediction tools as they not only outline where the market is heading, but also serve as an invaluable tool in finding support and resistance levels. Sentiment analysis can help you avoid being caught off guard by sudden market swings and is a valuable tool in mitigating risks associated with crypto trading. Remember, market sentiment can occasionally be driven by speculation or emotional reactions, so it should be used in conjunction with other risk management strategies


Transition your crypto assets to cold storage


A popular adage among crypto enthusiasts goes: “Not your keys, not your coins.” Entrusting your assets to a centralized exchange bears risks such as website crashes, security breaches, and potential insolvency.

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Migrating crypto assets to a cold storage device can alleviate some risks associated with relying on a centralized exchange for safeguarding your funds. Unlike an exchange that holds your private keys and controls your assets, cold storage grants you full ownership of your assets. Since cold storage devices are not connected to the internet, they drastically minimize hackers’ and cybercriminals’ chances of accessing your funds. Companies like Ledger and Trezor produce some of the most sought-after hardware-based cold storage devices.


Best part about these cold wallets is that you can actually connect them to crypto trading platform and trade all you like without having to move your funds on to an exchange. To our knowledge, is the only established market player that offers this service, but we expect more players to join suite soon.

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Diversify your investments


When investing in cryptocurrencies or any other asset, it is wise not to place all your faith in a single asset. In May 2022, the algorithmic stablecoin terraUSD (UST), meant to be on par with the U.S. dollar, dipped to 35 cents. Shortly after, its associated cryptocurrency, LUNA, plummeted from $80 to mere cents.


Rather than investing solely in one digital currency, consider spreading your investment across multiple digital assets. You can diversify your crypto investments by investing in projects with various use cases or technologies. For instance, Bitcoin, seen as a store of value, might be a solid wealth preservation strategy. Ethereum, on the other hand, has emerged as the largest platform for decentralized applications and smart contracts. Stablecoins, with values tethered to underlying assets, tend to be less volatile than other digital assets. Remember, there are hundreds of cryptocurrency projects, each with unique goals.

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Caution with leverage


This tip is a bit advanced, but it’s startling how many beginners venture into margin trading. Margin allows for the amplification of the order size and provides the option to go long or short. Some crypto exchanges may even offer leverage up to x100.


Though the concept sounds attractive, a slight 1% movement against your position could obliterate your entire portfolio. A forced liquidation could result in losing all your principal.


A more cautious approach would involve sticking to lower leverage amounts, which provide not only a chance for greater gains but also a safety net to bail out of a losing trade.

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Final words


In the exhilarating yet unpredictable realm of cryptocurrency trading, smart tactics can guide you through the thrilling ups and downs. Remember to never overstretch your financial limits; even if the crypto sky seems filled with golden opportunities, always invest what you can afford to lose!


Don’t forget the clever trick of hedging, balancing potential risks and rewards while exploring various avenues like dollar cost averaging, buying options, futures, or yield farming. Diversity is the spice of life and your portfolio! Spread your investment across several exciting digital projects and be amazed by the technological wonders each has to offer.

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