March 17


Trends of the coming summer: brightness, geometry and volume

The spring has already come, and it means that it’s time to try on fashionable looks for the summer in front of the mirror. What are the hot trends of this season? So, in this article, we are going to speak about bright and unusual ideas for the summer.

Green & Yellow

This bright couple is an absolute favorite of this season. It is worth to predict, that street style designers and fashionistas have started to use color therapy in everyday life, that these two colors are not only associated with summer and nature, but also chearing up. So, you can find Gingham Dresses at Adrift, and they will be the first thing that should be in your summer wardrobe. Try to choose yellow or green ones, and if you want to meet the latest trends as much as possible, just set a total-bright look.


For several last seasons, the brallet has been a worthy competitor to the crop top. However, many are still in doubt whether it is worth wearing such an open wardrobe item. Of course, it’s worth it! After all, if you complement it with a blazer or include a brallet in the costume, you will get an elegant look.

Color Jacket

Summer, when everything around is playing with bright colors, is the best time to add bright things to your wardrobe. This season, a hot trend is a colored jacket, and such an accent will necessarily attract maximum attention to your look. Moreover, it doesn’t matter what you complete it with – fashionistas include it in summer looks with mini skirts and T-shirts or with wide white trousers and bodysuits. As for the shoes, you can complement these outfits with stiletto pumps and trendy sneakers.

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If you like mixing colors and know how to create bright, stylish and unusual mix, feel free to combine colorful and contrasting things from your wardrobe – colorblocking is now in fashion. For example, a fuchsia suit looks great with a yellow bag, a white crop top and soft lilac shoes.

Natural shades

For those who prefer calm color solutions in the wardrobe, designers always recommend a proven decision: make a set with things in natural colors. Shades of beige and white in summer looks are the most widespread. To make the image fashionable, choose trendy things, for example, you can combine modern high-rise trousers and a knitted top with a deep V-neck, transparent sandals and a soft voluminous clutch.

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White dress

The white dress is the epitome of tenderness and ferminity.  You can create a stylish and fashionable look by choosing  black “men’s” sandals or rough shoes for a loose white dress with romantic lantern sleeves – the game on contrasts will be both in colors and in style.

Blue jeans

Light blue jeans are the basis for a variety of different summer looks. Combining them with a white T-shirt or shirt, you will get a familiar and laconic casual set, and if you want to get a more trendy variant, wear jeans with a crop top and a voluminous jacket or blouse.

Mini shorts

In the hot season, shorts are a constant favorite of the fashionable wardrobe. Now the short models are actual, and the material is not matter. You can choose leather or denim, satin or cotton models. Try to wear them with loose shirts and elongated jackets, chiffon blouses or crop tops.

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Add more volume!

Stylish summer oversize clothing is also at the peak of fashion. This season, fashionistas are looking for a volume sleeves – with them, even a strict black dress will look romantic and feminine. In order to add a bright accent use different accessories: for example, a miniature handbag and jewelry.

Unusual pendants

The main decoration of this season are the neck pendants. In the process of their creation, the designers gave free to their imagination, and surprised the fashionistas with pendants in the form of figurines, exotic animals, unusual colors and asymmetric forms. Stylists recommend adding pendants not only to slim dresses, but also to men’s style shirts and jackets. Moreover, it has become appropriate to combine a pendant with a plain T-shirt if you want to give a relaxed image a little elegance.

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Leather bracelets

The fashion for accessories of the coming season once again refers us to the 90s, when next to masculine looks and oversize models skin dominated in all its manifestations: outerwear and suits, trousers and skirts, dresses and vests. So, there were created bracelets of soft leather, that tenderly embracing the thin wrists of stylish women nowadays.


Our time distinguishing by a special chic – an elegant hair accessory. This season, it used more as a stylish decoration of the head than it plays a functional role. From the wide and massive headbands of previous seasons, made of bright materials and richly decorated with sparkling decor, the fashion accessory today is distinguished by an elegant and sophisticated design.

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