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What Are The Different Types Of Koi Betta Fish, Their Care and Breeding

The koi betta fish has been around for a long time, with many believing that the first koi betta fish came from Japan. They are also known as Oranda betta, oranda goldfish and Japanese fighting fish. Regardless of their name, these beautiful Koi Betta fish have many similarities to Koi fish, but they are their breed and can be quite different in personality and appearance. Whether you just want to add them to your pond and see how they react to the koi or you have aspirations of breeding them so you can have your private stock, there is a lot to know about keeping them as pets. Here we will take an in-depth look at different types of Koi Bettas, their care and breeding so that you can decide if they’re right for your home.

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Koi Betta Fish Appearance

Koi Bettas are very colorful fish and come in a variety of colors. They can be one solid color or have multiple shades of colors. They usually have a metallic or metallic sheen on them, and their scales are very reflective. Depending on their coloring and scales, Koi Bettas can look a lot like Koi fish, but their fins are long and flowy as opposed to Koi fish which have very short fins. Bettas also have longer, thinner mouths than Koi fish which makes them look a bit cooler and aquatic. Koi Bettas have an average lifespan of about one or two years, but this all depends on the care of the fish. If the fish are receiving proper care and living conditions, they can last a bit longer. But if they aren’t getting proper care, they can die within a couple of months.

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Koi Betta fish Lifespan

Something to keep in mind when you’re keeping Koi Bettas is that they are bred for fighting. So while you may be able to keep them together when they’re younger, they can start fighting with other fish as they get older which can cause serious injuries and even death. Male Bettas are very territorial and can be extremely aggressive with other male Bettas. Some males may even fight with females, so it’s best to keep them in separate tanks with one male to three females or in their tank. If you’re breeding Bettas, the sex ratio should be about one male for every three or five females. It’s important to have a balanced sex ratio to keep from breeding too many or too few offspring.

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Why Should You Not Mix Bettas and Koi Together?

Because Koi Bettas are bred for fighting, they are a lot more aggressive than your average Betta fish which means they can be extremely aggressive towards other fish. If you have other fish in the same tank as your Bettas, they will attack them and try to kill them. You can try to keep your Koi Bettas with other fish, but you risk them killing and eating them. Bettas will often eat smaller fish like Guppies, minnows and other fish similar to their size. If you have Koi fish in the same tank as your Koi Bettas, the fish can get seriously injured or die from the aggressive and territorial nature of the Bettas. While Koi Bettas are beautiful fish, they shouldn’t be kept together with Koi fish.

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The Different Types of Koi Betta Fish

There are many different types of Koi Betta fish. Some are bred for fighting while others are bred for looks. Some are a combination of the two and can be used for both fighting and breeding.


Fighting Koi Betta – This is the original Koi Betta fish and has been bred for fighting. Fighting Koi Betta fish are not bred for looks, so they can be very ugly. These fish are bred to be aggressive and to fight other fish.


Show Koi Betta – These are bred for looks and are much more colorful than fighting fish. Koi Betta fish come in a wide range of colors from blues, reds and oranges to black and white. Show fish are bred for beauty and have very long bodies and fins.

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Fancy Koi Betta – These fish are bred for both looks and fighting. They are usually a combination of the show and fighting Betta. Fancy Koi Betta fish come in a wide range of colors and have long, beautiful fins.


The koi betta fish is a beautiful, interesting fish that can be an excellent addition to your fish tank. They can be a bit aggressive and territorial, but with the right care, they can be very fun and interesting fish to have as pets. If you’re interested in keeping a koi betta fish, make sure you research their care and what type of koi betta fish you would like to keep so that they can have a happy and healthy life. Keeping koi betta fish is a great hobby that can be both challenging and fun.

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