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What are walk in cold rooms

Cold rooms are specifically designed areas used for the storage of perishable items. These can be customized if space allows or integrated as part of a new building, as walk-in rooms where the cold is kept at a constant temperature according to the owner’s requirements.

Cold rooms give a sterile, professional means of stocking bulk orders or surplus supplies. They need attention and monthly maintenance to guarantee your goods remain stored in a hygienic atmosphere and condition that keeps the products preserved for longer and remain safe for human consumption or other uses.

Types of cold rooms

When thinking about a cold room, the first possible usage that comes into mind is food preservation. However, there are other materials that need to be kept under specific temperature:

  • Pharmaceutical substances and medicines
  • Chemicals and elements for scientific research
  • Cold pre-prepared foods and diary
  • Fresh vegetables, fruits, and flowers
  • Materials that can be affected by heat (plastic, wax, cosmetical items)
  • Pantry items
  • Raw meat and fish
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According to the need, cold rooms can be placed in categories such as:

  • Storage cold rooms in supermarkets or shops
  • Meat only storage rooms
  • Walk-in cold rooms for commercial use
  • Cold rooms for restaurant kitchens
  • Distribution outlets cold rooms
  • Health care cold rooms
  • Walk-in freezers

If space allows, private homeowners can contact specialized manufacturers that would design and build a cold room in their house.

How to clean a walk-in cold room

After the installation of the cold room, people in charge of maintaining this facility will be told what they need to do to keep the room clean and checked for any required maintenance.

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A suitable cold room cleaning routine involves maintaining the floor and surfaces clean and tidy at all times. The cleaner can use a vacuum to remove the dust buildup from the floor and clean surfaces with a rag, lukewarm water, and a gentle detergent or cold room specialized cleaning products.

Spillages must be dealt with immediately, and any damaged products should be removed from the room to stop bacteria growth. After cleaning, the cold room must remain dryas excess moist can become a safety hazard by forming an accumulation of ice in the chamber.

How to maintain a cold room in working order

To operate correctly, the cold room must be well ventilated; the air must be able to flow around the stored items inside, whether it is cool or not. Therefore products and other materials should never be piled against the cool room wall. Specialists recommend leaving a gap of around 10cm or more so that the air can circulate.


A clear 25 -30 cm space should be left between the fan unit and the top of stacked elements. The cold air will be able to move over the top of the contents rather than being obstructed.

Cold rooms will allow the storage of desired items on pallets or specially designed shelves. These can be either provided by the cold room manufacturer at an extra cost or bought from other specialized outlets.

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