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What Can Child Custody Lawyers Do for You?

In the United States, parents settle 90% of custody cases without a judge’s ruling. Custody cases are often stressful, but child custody lawyers can help co-parents reach an agreement without going to family court.

It’s a child custody lawyer’s job to advocate for you and there are a variety of things they can do to help during this challenging time.

Navigate Complex Issues

Child custody disputes are often complex, but a child custody lawyer will know the best way to approach your unique situation. Examples of complex issues that may have different legalities to consider are when your ex is living in or planning to move to another state, abuse has occurred, or they prevent you from seeing your children.

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Currently in the middle of a complex child custody scenario? Shared Parenting Foundation of Nebraska offers resources to get started with your custody case.

Modify an Existing Custody Agreement

As time passes, circumstances between parents and their children may change. Increases in time with the non-primary parent, changes in financial circumstances, relocation for one parent, new spouses, or changes in schedules for the child are all things that might call for a different custody arrangement.

If you’re unable to come to an agreement on how to handle these changes, a child custody attorney can help. Attorneys work on creating a parenting plan that better suits these life changes and assert your requests for a change to the former agreement.

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Negotiate and Speak on Your Behalf

Custody cases are emotional and it is helpful to have a neutral party, such as a lawyer, to negotiate on your behalf. This prevents rash behavior and fighting between co-parents who let emotions get the best of them.

A custody attorney can also speak for you in court in situations where emotions are on high. This helps ensure there are no missed details and your side is appropriately presented.

Represent Your Child

In some situations, you can hire a custody lawyer to represent your child independently. This may occur if the case is going to trial, the custodial parent is putting your child’s safety at risk, or if their parentage is under scrutiny.

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Lawyers who represent your child act as a neutral party that examine their circumstances and consider their best interests.

Manage Paperwork

Child custody situations involve an extensive amount of paperwork, which can feel overwhelming for the parties involved. Submitting the correct paperwork can make or break your case.

Custody lawyers will gather all the paperwork and ensure that everything is filled in properly. Legal paperwork is often subject to deadlines and they will make sure you send it to the correct place on time.

Child Custody Lawyers Are Here to Help

Child custody lawyers can be a valuable asset to your child custody case. They help navigate complicated legalities, meet deadlines, and keep the process civil.

When choosing a lawyer, look for one with experience in similar child custody cases who listen to your needs. It is important that you choose someone you feel comfortable working with.

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