July 4


What Companies Can do For The Climate

Climate protection is the topic of the day. Companies, too, are realizing that it’s not just the environment that benefits if their own company adopts a more sustainable approach – image and wallet gain as well. Here are some efficient measures for climate protection in the company that small and large companies can implement immediately to better enjoy TonyBet login.


Every company can make a contribution to environmental protection, regardless of what it produces or what services it offers. Those who act quickly will not only have an advantage over their competitors, but possibly also over the legislator.


After all, if higher taxes are imposed in the future for CO2, unnecessary waste or high energy consumption, and new rules come into force to protect the climate, companies that have already taken precautions will be ahead of the game. They will not have to compete with the rest of the industry for expensive experts to help with the necessary changes.

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Environmental protection at work: earlier is better

Doing more for climate protection does not mean that a company has to convert all its products or services to organic, eco or fair trade overnight. All that is needed is to turn key levers that are as effective as possible: the more efficient, the smarter. Here are eight measures that small and larger companies can implement right now – without turning their entire business model upside down or saddling themselves with huge investments.




  1. plant trees with the search engine

With two clicks, every:r employee:can switch to the default search engine – climate protection in the company can hardly be faster. And you quickly get used to a fair Google alternative; for us, Ecosia from Berlin, for example, is currently one of the most recommended. The search engine delivers the same results as Bing, but unlike Google & Co., money is invested in reforestation projects for each search query.

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According to Ecosia, around 45 queries finance a new tree; many screen workers should easily get that together in a day. In turn, each new tree binds an estimated 10 kg of CO2 per year, thus slowing climate change. Since trees only have to be planted once, the effect is even cumulative over the years.


Effort: Mini.

Savings: Noticeable. At 250 working days with 1 tree/day approx. 2,500 kg CO2 per employee per year.


  1. change to real green electricity

Bring green electricity to your community!


What surprises even us: There are green power providers that not only deliver guaranteed clean electricity, but are also cheaper than the conventional electricity mix of many municipal utilities. This means that if you switch right away, you save money, drive the energy transition forward and can – with a clear conscience – write on your website that you are buying clean electricity.

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But beware: Not everywhere that says green electricity on it is actually green electricity in it! Many self-proclaimed green electricity providers, for example, belong to nuclear power companies or have no credible seals of approval.


Effort: Less than an hour for small businesses.

Effect: High. With a consumption of 1,500 kWh per person (estimated value for office workers), more than 700 kg CO2 savings per year can be achieved by switching from the normal electricity mix to renewable energies. For businesses that are more energy-intensive, the savings quickly add up to many thousands of kilos per year.


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