October 10


Why Akamai Can Be Your One-Stop Solution


There is no denying that the Internet has been one hell of an innovation. It is really a game-changer and has taken the whole world by storm. There are billions of users of the internet in this current age and it’s only growing day by day. The only problem is that fewer people realise the internet brings with it some problems as well. Problems like security threats or ransomware attacks. To tackle these issues, Akamai comes to your help. Akamai is your one-stop solution to fight all problems related to security, fast delivery or edge computing.

In this article, we will be talking about the services provided by Akamai and how it works. Moreover how you can approach it easily. If all of that sounds interesting then without wasting any time we should just dive directly into this world.

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1) Bot Manager

You must be aware of what traffic is in the world of the internet. It’s the volume of users currently active on a given site. However, you may not know that all the traffic on that site is not purely organic. There is a significant percentage of bots that roam around and contribute to the traffic. These bots can be harmful sometimes which is why Akamai brings its bot manager service.

The foundation of Akamai Bot Manager is a reliable and accredited database of bot categories that Akamai regularly refreshes. No other bot management tool is as thorough in separating legitimate traffic from bot traffic. By clicking https://www.akamai.com/products/bot-manager you’ll be able to learn more about it.

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The Bot manager introduced by Akamai reduced bit traffic by more than 75%, which is 25% to be exact. In six months it controlled the bot traffic from 45% to 25%. All of this has created a sense of more enjoyable shopping experience for internet users who likes to shop online.

2) App and API Protector

With a comprehensive range of effective protections that were intentionally created with customer-focused automation and simplicity, Akamai App & API Protector is intended to defend the whole web and API estates. Akamai’s app and API protector has the following features which you can access by tapping on https://www.akamai.com/products/app-and-api-protector

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-Adaptive protections

Easily and automatically pushes the most recent security measures for your APIs and apps.

-Advanced API discovery

Manage the risk posed by fresh or unknown APIs while keeping an eye out for dangerous payloads.

-Integration of DevOps

Manage via a straightforward, understandable GUI, our Terraform provider, APIs, or the Akamai CLI.

-visibility for deep attacks

You can examine and prioritise attacks with the use of personalised dashboards, timely notifications, and SIEM integration.

3) Protection Against DDoS

Similar to a traffic jam is a DDoS or DoS attack. In a DDoS attack, attackers deliver a flood of traffic to targets using a huge number of vulnerable computers and connected devices on the internet, including Internet of Things (IoT) devices, smartphones, personal computers, and network servers.

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A DDoS attack on a business’s website, web application, APIs, network, or data centre infrastructure can disrupt operations and keep genuine customers from making purchases, accessing services, acquiring information, or gaining access to anything else. This is why protection against DDoS is so important. By tapping https://www.akamai.com/solutions/security/ddos-protection you’ll be directed towards the Akamai’s service which would protect your system from DDoS threats.

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