November 28


Why are crypto casinos getting popular in Nordic countries?

Nordic countries are known to have more strict and regulated iGaming markets than most other European countries. That is why many don’t believe Nordic countries have one of the most developed crypto casino markets in the whole world. It wasn’t always like that. Crypto casinos have become popular in Nordic countries in the last two years, but what happened? What made the crypto casino market explode in the eyes of Nordic people? And why are crypto casinos getting more and more popular in Nordic countries? Here are the three reasons why.


The variety of crypto casinos has increased


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Crypto casinos have been around for a couple of years. When they first came, there were only a couple of different options. When cryptocurrencies slowly started to gain popularity, crypto casinos got popular too. In Nordic countries, people began to search for crypto casinos at the end of 2021. Before that, crypto casinos had some casual players, but most people still questioned the trustworthiness of crypto casinos. After cryptocurrencies got more popular, almost every newspaper started to write about how cryptos work and how trustworthy they are. That is how crypto casinos got more players in the Nordic countries.

The bigger the search volume was, the more crypto casinos started to work inside Nordic countries. There were some license problems, but when countries solved them, there was no going back. According to Finnish casino experts from, solving the license problem was the biggest reason crypto casinos became incredibly popular in Finland. They assumed the reason was the same with other Nordic countries too.

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There are specific crypto bonuses available


Casino bonuses are a massive thing in Nordic countries. Some Nordic countries have limited the maximum amount of bonus casinos can offer, but it usually doesn’t apply to crypto casinos. That is why players, for example, from Sweden, love to claim casino bonuses with cryptocurrencies. Also, many crypto casinos offer bonuses only when depositing money with cryptocurrencies. If the chance is to either get a bigger casino bonus by depositing with cryptos or not get a bonus at all, we understand why many choose the first option.


Increases safety, security, and anonymity


Nordic countries are well-known for the variety of elements that increases safety and security in the iGaming industry. These countries are also very inflexible about which brands can operate in their markets. Even though crypto casinos had some problems at the beginning, now they are increasing safety and security in the Nordic markets. Depositing and withdrawing money with cryptos is one of the safest ways to complete transactions on online casinos. It is mainly because of the blockchain working behind the cryptocurrencies. Blockchain and increased safety are some of the biggest reasons people use crypto casinos more than before. Even though cryptocurrencies are not hundred percent anonymous, they still increase anonymity in the Nordic casino market. Usually, in Nordic countries, online casinos collect a lot of information about the users. When consumers do transactions with cryptocurrencies, they can at least be sure that the online casino is not collecting information about their bank account or anything related

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