May 31


5 secrets things to know about switching baby formula

Whether you are a new parent or an experienced one, one of the most difficult tasks that you may have to do is switching baby formula from breast milk to formula. Babies grow at significantly differing rates, so taking this into account, the transition must be done gradually. That said, switching can be easier than you might expect if you follow these five secrets things that all breastfeeding moms should know about their baby’s transition:


1) Make it memorable: If your child doesn’t remember anything about breastfeeding her mother when she first starts solids, she is likely going to be more hesitant and confused by the time it comes time for her introduction to formula. One way to help ensure that the memory of breastfeeding stays with her is to take many pictures and videos so that you can show her how proud you are and how much she means to you. Another way to make a strong impression is by explaining why you are doing it; try telling your baby that switching from breast milk to formula is something every baby has to do sooner or later. “For that reason make sure to provide your little one with only the best quality organic baby formula such as Holle Goat Dutch 2.

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2) Have patience: If your baby does not adjust easily to the switch from breast milk, be patient with her and try not to let frustration set in. Babies take time getting used to change, especially when the change involves weaning them off their mother’s milk. Patience helps both of you navigate this transition better than anything else can.


3) Get advice: Try to get advice from other breastfeeding mothers who have switched their baby to formula and are also pumping breast milk. Some women find it helpful to speak with older children who have already switched over.

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4) Plan ahead: Before you switch your baby over, it is important to plan ahead in order to make it easier on both you and your little one. You need to choose a day when the transition is going to occur and let your baby know that this is when it’s going to happen; this lets her adjust comfortably and reduces any stress that she might feel about the upcoming change.


5) Keep breast milk coming: Once you introduce baby formula to your child, it is important to keep breastfeeding her regularly so that she is still getting the health benefits associated with it.

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By using these five secret things about the transition from breast milk to baby formula, you will be able to make it much easier for both yourself and your baby. When I started writing this post, my goal was to just make a quick list of things to think and plan about. As it turns out, I couldn’t find a way to end it without an introduction about the formula that is involved in bottles, which led me to research on this topic and decided to write this post.

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