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5 Amazing Flattering 80s Hair Styles for Women to remember 


The 80s hair styles for women were characterized by large hair-dos, permanent waves, softer cuts, volumes and puffed up hair. It was the era, where hairdo was almost synonymous with some flair and drama. In line with the trend, multiple television shows, movies featured actors and actresses sporting permed and voluminous hair and played a huge role in making the high volume bouffant 80s hair both highly popular and sought after. Styles such as punk rock, bouncy bangs, high ponies etc. were adopted by the masses. Interestingly, some of the 1980s hairstyle such as punk rock, mullet, and the Jheri curls were unisex in nature and both men and women were seen sporting those styles. Listed below are the 5 amazing 1980s hairstyles, which have undergone slight makeover to reinvent themselves for the decade of 2020s.

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Jheri Curls

The Jheri curl, also colloquially spelled as Jerry Curl or Jeri Curl, was a creation of hairdresser Jheri Redding. The basic concept behind the hairstyle was to let the wearer sport great hair with minimum effort. Promoted as a wash and wear hairstyle, the Jheri curls worked by accentuating the natural curves and waves of the hair and was initially chosen by the working class people, especially people with coloured skin. A glossy and loosely curled look, Jheri curls soon found mass acceptability due to to its easy maintenance regime and rose to rank amongst the best 80s hair for women. Such was the popularity of the style that even men started opting for Jheri curls.

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The Mullet

This cool and edgy hairstyle had its own share of controversies. Waxing and waning between – love it or hate it, the mullet not only survived the competition but also found wide acceptability amongst women with round or square faces, as it could instantly make them stand out. A bi-level cut with short hair at the front and the top and long at the back, the mullet wasn’t invented for the docile wallflowers. Its wearers were the confident women of the 80s, who were taking onto the world. Thus, it is hardly surprising that models and musicians were often seen sporting the mullet.

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Statement Highlights

As mentioned earlier, the 80s weren’t the time for being subtle. It was the era of being bold and standing out. Thus, the styles developed during the era had something or the other for everyone. If you weren’t the women who could pull of the mullet, or the asymmetrical cut then you could make your style statement with big and bold highlights. The 2020s decade has seen people opt for more subdued highlights, usually a shade or two lighter than the natural hair shade, but the 80s hair highlights were chunky, in contrasting colours and often in bright shades. Yet again, the basic purpose was to draw the attention of the viewer to your hairstyle, the cut and obviously your pretty face!

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Feathered Layers

The layered cut has been popular over the decades. It’s a simple way to add more volume and texture to the hair. The feathered layers were a variation of the usual layered cut, wherein the wearer had a more softer and subtler looking hair due to the fine layers that are incorporated by cutting the hair at varied lengths. The beauty of the cut was that it suits hair of any length, and usually works better if you have dense and voluminous hair. Mimic the feathers of birds, when it comes to fall the style was therefore named as feathered layers.

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The Stable of Ponies 

No mention of the 1980s hairstyle can ever be considered complete if the 80s hair ponytail doesn’t feature in it. The decade played host to multiple iteration of the humble ponytail. It is therefore, hardly surprising that the basic ponytail features amidst the list of flattering 80s hair styles for women to remember. From the basic high pony to the on the go pony with a scrunchie, the decade saw it all. Variations of the ponytails included whale spout and the side part ones too. While the whale spout gave the wearer a dramatic and fun look, the side pony, which became popular with work attire, provided a subtle and sophisticated look.

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Aside from the above, the 1980s hairstyle also had a few more styles such as the punk rock, bow barrettes and the bouncy bangs that were also highly popular. The hairstyles of the 80s had something for women of all class, creed and age, and therefore it is hardly surprising that they’re making a comeback in the decade of 2020s. So, go ahead pick a vintage hairstyle and pair it up with your modern dressing to bring out your inner diva and make heads turn.

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